Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Software TEE - Virtual Car Key

This is an App for our IoT solution to serve our value customers. You can upload your TA (a file with some configurations) to our backend server, After then they can download the TA and run it.

You can use this App to lock and unlock the car, door with our smart lock, you can even start and stop the car engine, depends on the TA you uploaded to our backend server.

To be able to operate it with our smart lock, you need to “Install TA” first, then you can “Run TA”, if you have our smart lock, you should be enable to do the operation as you configured in the TA on our server.

Technical Stack:
  • Android Java Programming
  • iOS Objective-C Programming
  • Native C programming
  • WhiteBox Crypto with Key Rotation for every 3 months
  • Secure Channel Protocol
  • App Protection: Anti-tampering, Anti-debug, Anti-hooking, Root/Jailbreak detection, Android App re-signing detection.

Reference Link: https://mymotorwheels.wordpress.com/2016/09/21/valeo-partnered-with-gemalto-to-secure-its-virtual-car-key-valeo-inblue/